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Once again: Happy new year !!! [01 Jan 2006|09:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The new year Started great. Yesterday I went with Tomer and some of his friends. We got to the city around 21:30, just in time to see the fireworks over Federation Square. nice show :). After 2 hours of just wandering around and looking for some nice cool place, we went to some club called "Chocolate" (sounds good, huh :). They had great music - different kinds: house, rock, black music, a bit of everything. I just missed some Israeli music, but I don't expect to find it here :( ... At midnight we all counted (and one of the thoughts that passed in my mind during those 10 seconds was "how weird that my friends at home probably didn't even start to get organized to go out...) and hugged and kissed and drank and there were some real drunk people that hugged everybody too and it was funny. We stayed there until 4 am or something like that.
The way home wasn't too fun... We went to the train (10~15 minutes walk from the club) and since we didn't know if there is a train to our station, we went on another train that went to the nearest station possible (3 stations from ours). When we arrived to the station at 4:45 am we saw that there is a train, but only at 5:13, so we've decided to go out and look for a taxi. There was none :( the roads were totally empty... so we went on the train anyway, and we went home by foot (more then 1.5 kilometers. And its all on high heels after a night of walking and dancing. Fun...). We arrived home at 6 am... But it was a great night and I had a lot of fun anyway.
On new year's day my uncle and aunt invited some friends for a BBQ lunch, and it was pretty fun (and tasty) too.
Yes, this year's start was great, and I hope the the whole year will be as good.
Happy new year everybody !

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !!! [31 Dec 2005|06:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

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Happy birthday to me !!! [28 Dec 2005|11:39am]
[ mood | happy ]

So now I'm 21 years old. nice. for us in Israel it's not something special, 18 is the "big" birthday, but here 21 is a real big deal (although they can do everything from age 18, like in Israel...). People are making huge parties and stuff like that. I wish I had some people to party with... However, I had a good time. We didn't do anything special during the day, I just went with my aunt to one shopping centre to exchange some shoes she bought the day before (= Boxing Day. That was one crazy shopping day... We couldn't move in the centres, they ere SO packed, say nothing of the shops. But it was still fun, and cheap. there were huge discounts and specials).In the evening we went to some Italian restaurant called "la Casetta" and after that I went with my cousin Erez to some pub and we stayed there for about 3 hours, talking and drinking, and it was so fun. I just love being here... But I wish my family and my friends would have been here with me too.
Anyway, before we went to the restaurant they gave me all my presents (yeepee!) - a beautiful dress and a calendar with quotes about cats from the family, a key chain shaped as a cat and heart (and there's a clock in the heart) from Jojo and Noonoo the dogs and a set of necklace and earrings from my mother. Most of those presents I helped to choose, because they were not sure what to buy, but it's still fun :)
I love birthdays (especially mine :) !!!

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Shop till you drop... [24 Dec 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The last few days were so crazy. Christmas is coming and everybody go shopping, so the shopping centres were open till late hours (10 pm or 12 am instead of 5 pm) and since yesterday most of them were open since 8 am to 5 or 6 pm today... Oh and of course there are many special sales and discounts. So we went to do some shopping too :) after all, we have Hanukkah presents to buy ;)... we went out yesterday after dinner (around 7:30pm)to Southland Shopping centre, and we didn't think it'll be to long. The plan was to buy "nike" socks for Tomer, shoes for Erez and bag for Alon, and then drink something and go home. Well, we bought all that. Plus 2 shorts and a new shirt I bought myself and a dress my aunt bought me as an early b-day present and some new other stuff my aunt and uncle bought. We ended up there around 1 am (Sorry Ayala ): ...). Today we went to Chadstone shopping centre to see what we can find there. I found a book ("The Chtonicles of Narnia", all 7 volumes in one book), a shirt and some more little stuff. I also saw some pair of real nice shoes, but the store didn't have them in my size. Well I wouldn't have buy those shoes anyway - 150 Dollars is w-a-y too much... But this afternoon we went to another place and then I bought nicer shoes for only 30 Dollars :) and I also bought 2 shirts. Sounds crazy, I know... And we were still easy shoppers. People were shopping all night, and we saw some people with 9-10 bags each... Well, I guess that's the famous Christmas generous spirit :)
Well now I'm going to take a bath (jacuzzy :) and have some rest...It was a long 2 days.
Happy Hanukkah / Merry Christmas everybody!

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[19 Dec 2005|12:07am]
This weekend was fun, but pretty disappointing. We've actually had plans for all of it, but then the rain came, and it was cloudy and cold and raining all weekend. Yuck... Anyway, we stayed home and watched three movies (Herbie: Fully Loaded, The Incredibles and My Big Fat Greek Wedding), played cards (My cousin taught us some nice game called "Big 2". We've got addicted), went to my cousin's basketball game and just had some fun at home... I hope the next week will be better.
Next weekend it'll be Christmas. What a cool holiday. For us it'll be Hanukkah, one holiday I really do like.
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Melbourne Zoo [16 Nov 2005|06:35pm]
Today I went with my cousin Erez to the Melbourne Zoo. It was so nice. I haven't been to a zoo since I was 10 or 11, and it's really more for little kids, but it was fun anyway. The only annoying part was that unfortunantly the Australian animals exhibit, the part I wanted to see the most, was closed today for some reason and so were few other parts of the zoo. Basa...
On the way back we've had a little accident - instead of going on the local train we went to the express one, and it passed our station and stopped only 3 or 4 stations after it...Oops. Anyway, some friend of Erez came to take us so it was fine.
Yesterday I went with Tomer and two of his friends, Mark and Kesh, To see the movie FlightPlan (HaTisa) in Southland. That's a good movie, I really enjoyed it (although I don't like that kind of movies too much), and much more than I thought I will. The whole cinema area was very crowded, almost like the "Cinema City" in Israel on Friday, because it's half price on Tuesday so many people come.
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What a nice weekend ! [13 Nov 2005|06:51pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

The last two days were pretty fun. Even weather was good! Yesterday I went with my aunt and uncle to tour the city of Melbourne. We just wandered around and looked in the shops windows (and shopped... :). We ate lunch in a little Vietnamese restaurant, it was the first time I ate Vietnamese food and I pretty liked it. We also went to the Melbourne Central building. This building is modern, but it was built on another building, very old one, that used to be some factory, and this factory is still standing in the middle of Melbourne Central. Nice. Then we went to the Arts centre, and then to Southbank promenade. At night I went with my other cousin Tomer to a birthday party of a friend from the university, Amanda. First we all went to some cocktail bar called "Der Baum" which was nice but expensive. They played a good Latin music, but the people I knew didn't want to dance... I wish I knew how to dance all those Latin dances. After that we went to some nearby pub called "The Swan". The place had 2 halls - one was for music and dancing and they had a live band that played MTV music, Dance and House, and it was really nice, but most of the time we were in the other hall where there’s no music and people can just talk. I'm sure I would've enjoyed more if there were more people I knew (I knew only 2 people there - Tomer and his friend Mark) and if we would've dance, but it was nice anyway. After I came back home and before I went to sleep I thought about my friends. Ayala, Talya, Hila, Sarit, Yossi, Omer, Yonatan, Vera and all the others - I miss you all so much! I hope you are all ok and having a lot of fun (even without me ;).
Today I went with my aunt to the city again, to the Rialto Tower. It's a 253 meters high building and there's an observation deck in one of the upper floors where you can see the whole area. It was a very clear day today so we saw the whole area of Melbourne. Then we went to Southbank promenade (again) to buy ourselves some nice bracelets we saw yesterday but were not sure if we want to buy it.
For the next week I'm planning to go to the zoo with my aunt, probably on wednesday, and one night I'll go with my uncle to Phillip Island to see penguins :) They go to sleep on the land every night. Oh and we'll probably go, the whole family, to see a movie on Tuesday. Except for that, I'm planning to go to Sydney for three days next month with my aunt.

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[08 Nov 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

One more thing I'm doing here but I forgot to write before is doing some art works like painting or "fimo" sculpting with my aunt. She is a very cretive person and do some beautiful works sometimes, and it's fun doing it together. I feel creative now so I'm going to paint something :)

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Shopping is goooooooood !!! [08 Nov 2005|11:10am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

This week was so good. First of all my uncle had birthday on Saturday, so we went to some very nice Turkish restaurant called "Istanbul" and had a good dinner (Almost as good as my aunt's cooking :) and it was a very nice evening. Happy birthday Uri !!! Except for that most of this week I was at home or shopping :). I bought myself many things: 3 pants, 2 skirts, 3 shirts, 3 dresses, 2 earrings, necklace and handbag. In addition to those things I bought some nice things to my house and my family and a few gifts for my friends. I hope everybody will like what I bought them (they better do! ;)
On Sunday we had a very nice day. My aunt, my uncle and me went to St. Kilda esplanade, near the sea, to the little art market and little Luna Park there. Then we went to the nearby Ackland Street, where there are many restaurants, pubs, and bakeries... We were not hungry so we just bought ourselves some cakes, but I hope to go there one weekend evening with my cousins. On Sunday evening we went to the southbank promenade next to the Yarra river and to the nearby Crown Casino (I only lost 10 dollars. good.) in the city. it was a very nice evening, great weather, and it was very nice just to wander around. There's a nice - and hot - little fire show every hour, and there is one nice sprinkler fountain that kids and teenagers running into and through it all the time. Looks like fun, and I want to try it someday too...I guess it'll be good in some hot summer day.
The weather here is crazy. Changes all the time, and sometimes it's like four seasons in one day... Yesterday morning was hot and sunny, and around 2 pm rain started and didn't stop until evening. At night it started again - it was c-r-a-z-y rain in Victoria and New South Wales (2 of the Australian states), now it's cloudy and it seems that this afternoon will be sunny and clear.

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Melbourne cup [01 Nov 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today it was "Melbourne Cup" day - the biggest horse racing day in the spring horse racings season. I went with my aunt to Flemington to watch it, and it was so fun, funny and cool. Thousands of people and all women wore very nice dresses and funny hats :) My aunt and I bought ourselves hats just before we went to the racings, but we tried many the days before in the department stores and in accesories stores just because those hats were so funny. Unfortunently we were not allowed to take photos :(. I bet 20 dollars on "Makybe Diva", the favorite for winning the main race, and it won, so I gained 56 dollars. isn't it nice? Except for that we just walked around and tlked and laughed and watched, and it was fun to. Even waiting for about an hour in the line to the ATM was fine :)
I wanted to upload some photos, but I can't because I don't have paid account. @#@#.
well now I'm really tired so I'm going to finish writing an e-mail, and then to sleeeeeeeeeeeep...

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Nicky, 11.1994 - 28.10.2005 [30 Oct 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | sad ]

My mother has just announced me few hours ago that my beloved cat Nicky died. I can't even describe the way I felt when she told me that. I don't remember I ever felt that way, so sad, so shocked, so cold... I've cried for more than hour and a half after I talked with my mom. I just can't imagine my life without Nicky from now on.
I've got nicky for my 10th birthday, and she was like my little baby. I loved her a lot, Almost like I love my mother, and she loved me back and was my best friend for almost 11 years. When I've decided to come here I was a little afraid of many things, but I had 2 huge fears - that something will happen to my mom or to my cat when I'll be here, on the other side of the planet. She was sick when I left, but no one knew it was that serious. My mother took her to the vet a few days after I left, and he told her to leave Nicky for over night. After he checked her, he discovered she had cancer in her intestine, probably for a few monthes, altough there was no outside sign of it and there was no way to see it coming or even suspect it (he told us that too). He told my mother that bacause Nicky is old she won't stand operation, and we have 2 options: taking her home but she'll die in pains in few days, or to anesthetize her. My mom chose the second one (smartly, I think. It was for the best of Nicky). I just wish I could've say goodbye, to pet and hug and kiss her for the last time, to tell her how much I love her, to say I'm sorry...
Nicky, wherever you are, I want you to know I'll always love you, and no one and/or nothing will ever take your huge place in my heart or fill this huge empty space left after you were gone.

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I'm having fun :) [29 Oct 2005|08:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm having a great time here with my family. Yesterday I went with my cousin to one of the shopping centers here, "Chadstone", and it was really. nice. Except for that we had a great friday dinner. My aunt is a wonderful cook. Today I went with my aunt to "Queen Victoria Market" in the city of Melbourne. I bought myself a shirt, key holders and 4 little decoration animals made of wood. after that we went to the nearby branch of "Myer", which is a department store. This specific branch is huge - two buildings, 7 floors each. We didn't buy there, it's pretty expensive, but it was nice to look around and see many things.
Australia is great, it's so peaceful and clean here, and people are so calm, nice and polite. Melbourne is huge! Not all of it is actually the city of Melbourne - Melbourne city is only the business area. The rest is Melbourne Metropolitan suburbs - little "cities". I need to get use to all the differences between Israel and Australia, like language (I speak English most of the time, but sometimes I speak "Hebrish" - Hebrew-English mixed sentences - without nodicing...), crossing roads (Australians drive on the left side of the road. Go figure :), weather (which changes every hour), Saturday-Sunday as weekend (instead of Friday-Saturday), and many other things. It's a totally different reality here.

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Yay !!! [28 Oct 2005|09:01am]
Here I am, in my aunt's house in Melbourne, Australia. I arrived here on Oct. 28, at 00:30 am. My uncle and my 3 cousins was already in beds, after they just came back from my cousin's graduation ceremony (congrtulations Tomer!), but my aunt was awake (only because my mother - she kept my aunt on Skype :). When she opened the door it took her a few seconds to understand it's me - she was pretty shocked. Then she screamed the longest "Ahhhh!" I've ever heard, and hugged me so hard I couldn't move, or breath...then she called to my uncle "Wake-up-come-here-fast-look!", and the rest of the family came (including the dogs), and started with all the hugs, kisses and questions. It was real fun, I missed them all a lot, and it was great meeting them after long time we haven't seen each other.
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Australia - here I come ! [25 Oct 2005|03:35pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm so excited!
Today, 7 hours from this minute, I'll be on a plane to Australia. Isn't it great? Actually, that's the reason I started this journal - to write everything I'll do and see. I'm going to visit my family in Australia - my aunt and her family live there for about 10 years. Actually it'll be a surprise for them - they don't know, don't even suspect I'm coming... Oh I'm SO excited !!!
My flight from Israel is at 10:30 pm to Thailand, and after one night there I'll flight to Melbourne (via Sydney). I wish to be 2 days older, and to be there already.

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Must start somehow... [25 Oct 2005|10:40am]
If there's something I hate, it's when someone asks me to "tell a little about yourself". I'm s-o bad in introducing myself...Anyway, I guess I must. So:
My name is Adi, I'm 20 years old (21 on december) and I live in a little city called Ra'anana in Israel. about my hobbies and my interests you can read in my userinfo (not complete yet...soon coming :). My parents are divorced, I live with my mother, my younger brother and sister and my adorable cat. Although sometimes we have fights, and b-i-g ones, I really happy with my mother. I think she is a great person, we're very close and we have lots of fun together - shopping, working, laughing or even just talking. We have a great relationship. I share a room with my sister, which is 6 years younger than me, and a totally different than me. After years of annoying each other a lot, we finally manage and it's pretty nice being together now. I guess both of us matured. My brother and i don't really manage, and with him it's worse than with my sister. he didn't mature yet. boys... My father lives in miami . He was married 4 years ago, and I really don't like his new wife Anyway, if he is happy with her, which is the most important thing, I'm happy for him. My third brother lives with them.
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Hello world !!! [17 Sep 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

hi all, welcome to my livejournal!

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